Harnessing the power of sun
and wind for a more sustainable future.

Harnessing the power of for a more sustainable future.

What is Sunventus?

Sunventus (Ventus which means wind in Latin) is a groundbreaking application which harnesses the power of the sun and wind to overcome uncertainties surrounding the weather. Our solution means it is possible to bring together solar and wind technology in a more compact package which not only looks pleasing to the eye but is also extremely energy efficient. Compact and powerful, our design makes it perfect for houses and apartments with an energy efficiency rating which is five to six times higher than conventional photovoltaic technologies.

The hybrid system can be displayed both on the ridge of the roof or on the façade of an apartment building. When installed on the roof, it takes advantage of the pitch of the roof to channel the flow of the wind into the system, thereby significantly increasing its effectiveness. This, combined with the system’s unique aerodynamic capabilities, means it is ideally suited to low wind speed conditions and helps to mitigate the uncertainties of the weather by making the most of both wind and solar power generation. In other words, when it’s sunny, it can harness the power of the sun and when it is not, it can fall back on the power of the wind.

How Sunventus works?

The lens for the solar concentrator usually requires a focal length to concentrate sunlight to a focal point or singular strip. However, this focal length also requires more space for the device which can give it an unpleasant, bulky appearance. This can be a problem in an urban environment in which space is limited and residents naturally want an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

To optimise the volume that is required by the focal length, Sunventus integrates a long wind turbine along the device which significantly increases its energy output and enhances the performance of the photovoltaic cells through cooling the cells with an updraft where waste heat is dissipated throughout the turbine. This waste heat can also be used to improve the performance creating a solution which is, at one and the same time, more compact and energy intensive.

Affordable sustainable power for household needs

Optimising roof space for energy generation

Providing Heating, Electricity, and Cooling for Work/ Home

Heated Showers from the Sun

Making Warm and Comfortable Spaces

Powering Cities all day long


Sunventus is an exciting new firm focused on green energy for sustainable development. Launched initially as a student project and finished second in the nationwide Climate LaunchPad UK competition in 2017. We also participated in other greenhouse and incubation programs co run by the University of Birmingham and Singapore University of Technology and Design to develop this project even further. With our rigorous R&D team, we focused primarily on building technologies for sustainability and thermal comfort with a current portfolio of five patent technologies for the built environment.


Sustainable and Comfortable homes wherever the sun shines hot.

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Sunventus is a groundbreaking piece of technology with enormous potential for urban living environments. It overcomes many of the shortcomings associated with other domestic renewable energy and creates something truly innovative which capitalises on the power of both the wind and the sun.  If you like to get involved with this project, we would be happy to hear from you. Get in touch with our team today.
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