You have the Columbus general public Safety system, which can be in RadioReference it is missing several chat communities

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You have the Columbus general public Safety system, which can be in RadioReference it is missing several chat communities


There appear to be two trunked methods using frequencies approved by City of Columbus in Bartholomew district, separate from the SAFE-T system.

Additionally it is back up the SAFE-T system for town fire and police. I believe I’ve determined some CRH talkgroups, combined with juvenile providers talkgroup. I’ll keep recording and then try to guarantee before publishing them to RR.

After some digging, there is which has DMR sound traffic with many talkgroups on it. I have recognized two BCSC bus TG’s, several that seem like schools, the metropolis busses, garbage trucks, and animal control.

From the noises from it, this is certainly a moment trunk program, but i am unable to find the controls volume, or see whether truly P25 or some other version of trunking.

Any suggestions? I am a new comer to my personal TRX-1, and just have maybe not discovered the best way to look for controls channels. You will find several inexpensive SDR’s, nevertheless sounds flooring is simply too high on them. I might try getting a far better SDR, in case another person has already finished the this operate, I’d somewhat not duplicate effort.

Aware, I WILL hear you!

Standard DMR for City of Columbus. 0 WPNQ936 RM ClmbsSchools Columbus institutes DMR education 0 WPJJ684 RM ClmbsSchools Columbus Schools DMR education 0 WPJJ684 RM ClmbsSchools Columbus institutes DMR Schools

Sign colour Code, TGs used, and Slots, after that distribute the findings and I also are certain to get it for the DB.


Does not that want a control frequency of some sort to coordinate, like just how P25 operates? Or, can established DMR leap wavelengths like this on its own?

Vigilant, I COULD listen your!

On the standard TRBO DMR multi repeater establish particularly is within play here, everyone can promote equivalent TGs. All 3 repeaters are included in the school program and express the users. Probably they have been internet protocol address website Connect connected. An much larger developed such as this is during need by IU Health at numerous services in Hamilton and Marion areas . Indeed, they’ve numerous internet protocol address web site Connect TRBO polish hearts-login standard repeaters, and 2 TRBO TRS programs discussing consumers between 6/7 facilities, while the IUPUI university.

In your circumstances, you’ve got 3 repeaters providing you with 2 talk routes every. That’s to 6 available at at any time. That handle quite a few TGs, which means that many consumers. You’ll bring one HT, and regimen it for It’s my opinion to 15 shared repeaters on an conventional IP web site Connect TRBO system then only change they every single repeater as required. You only wanted controls chan type efficiency on an Trunked DMR system.


Some tips about what I was about to send through type. We figure it actually was preferable to submit right here initially, since I’ve maybe not done a distribution in this way earlier, and prefer to concur that i have done the style correct, first.

Get rid of the following frequencies: 0 WPNQ936 RM ClmbsSchools Columbus institutes DMR education 0 WPJJ684 RM ClmbsSchools Columbus Schools DMR Schools 0 WPJJ684 RM ClmbsSchools Columbus institutes DMR education

Change (or remove) trunked program “Cummins”. They are no more using Motorola, all frequencies look like DMR with security with two internet, created off observance at this point and FCC licenses. Sites as follows:

Brand-new DMR program “Columbus City DMR” (for choose of a much better name. This has both institutes and non-public protective urban area teams).

Talkgroups: TG,Alpha,Description 4,BCSC shuttle 1,Bartholomew County class enterprise shuttle 1 5,BCSC shuttle 2,Bartholomew County School business coach 2 14,City Streets,Columbus Department of people work – roads 15,City Sanitation,Columbus urban area Sanitation (garbage Trucks) 16,ColumBUS,Columbus City Transit Buses 20,Animal Control,Columbus urban area Animal regulation

Customize the after talk teams for Columbus people protection (P25): brand new class “Columbus local Health” go TG 264 to Columbus local Health. Rename TG 264: 264,CRH Security,Columbus Regional Fitness Protection

Unique TG, tends to be under Jail procedures or newer category (different site, close purpose. Jail for juveniles). 275,BC Juvenile,Bartholomew State Youngsters Treatments Center

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